[rc5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #73

Lee Larson lmlars01 at homer.louisville.edu
Tue Aug 5 01:10:00 EDT 1997

Carsten Jacobi wrote on 8/4/97 10:53 PM

>I would wait until the chip is on the market and until they have developed 
>board for that chip. And then, what do you run on that machine? MacOS again,
>that doesn't support multitasking (sorry, but please no "keys per timeslice"-
>settings) and memory-protection. I don't know ...

I really hate this "my computer OS is better than your OS crap" I'm 
seeing in this discussion. Perhaps Mac OS doesn't support multitasking as 
_you_ define it, but right now I'm typing this message, printing a file, 
watching the Braves shut out Pittsburgh in a window and crunching keys at 
about 600K k/s. By _my_ definition, that's multitasking.

By the way, this machine has done 870 billion keys since I last restarted 
the client.

Let's please keep religion out of it!

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