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root marcus at dfwmm.net
Tue Aug 5 02:04:46 EDT 1997

Gary Jackson wrote:
> On Mon, 4 Aug 1997, Arvin Meyer wrote:
> > I don't notice any loss of freedom, just good sense in choosing the right
> > tool for the job. No business on earth, has the time or money to invest in
> > training their staff on some "off the wall" spreadsheet with 1/2 the
> > functionality of Excel, even if it's free.
> Fine, let the moron lusers use Win95 or whatever, thats what it was
> written for.  You'll feel the loss in freedom when there is no more
> opportunity to "choose the right tool for the job", because the only thing
> left is the behemoth Microsoft.

Sorry bud, w95 and Nt are the right tools for a lot of people.
The fact that they are _not_ the right tools for everyone will
prevent your doomsday scenario from ever ocurring.
> > I do however, notice the very pronounced bulge of my wallet and bank
> > account. Obviously, you're quite young and unaware of the real world. You
> > will soon find out that "Money talks and Bullshit walks"
> Your money does not impress me.

Unless you are doomed to be the CS equivalent of a starving artist,
you had better learn how to be impressed by money. Afterall, something
paid for the machine that you are currently using.

>  I have little regard for people who do
> the wrong thing for profit.

Define the "wrong thing". I'm in business. He's in business. Show
me how choosing one software set over another is "wrong".
> Microsoft only sells because cowards like you are to afraid to buck the
> trend and say "No!".  I am fully aware that life "out there" sucks unless
> one kowtows to the party line.  What I try to do is make it so that I have
> a choice when I sally forth in to the real world in search of a job.

Go right ahead and keep your choices open. I have no problem
with that, but tell me, who is the coward? The one that can't/won't
face reality, or the one that makes the correct decision? Somehow
I imagine that when you see a $90k job offered to someone who is
NT certified, you will start rethinking your position.
> The situations are totally incomparable.  Anyone can slap down a network
> with stock distributions of software.  If the operating system comes w/
> the hardware, it usually involves editing exactly one file, or changing
> one dialog box, or whatever, then plugging everything in to the switch.

Not at all. You reveal your youth with your ignorance. The very
statement "Anyone can slap down a network with stock distributions
of software." is most revealing. This is true today, but it was not
just a few years ago. Can you guess what has made it true? I'll
give you a clue: there didn't use to be "stock distributions of

> IMHO, Microsoft doesn't make superior products.  The only reason for their
> recent success is their good, aggressive marketing.

It all depends on how you define "superior". Do they use less RAM?
Do they execute faster? Are they easier to use? Do they cost less?
Tell me, why does anyone buy a Ford when there are Mercedes, Ferraris,
and Porches out there? Tell me, which is the superior car maker?

All this comes from a guy that runs os2 by choice and w95 and linux
by necessity(one job needs w95, the other needs linux).
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