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Dirk Moerenhout dmoerenh at reference.be
Tue Aug 5 12:13:16 EDT 1997

On Mon, 4 Aug 1997, Arvin Meyer wrote:

> I also notice that you are a U of Md student. My nephew is a colleague of
> yours, and a die-hard Unix fanatic. His father (a highly paid consultant)
> and I recently had a good laugh about a Unix installation he did. In the
> time it takes him to install, configure, and debug a Unix webserver, I
> have a complete NT network installed (3 servers and 18 workstations)
> complete with the full applications software package, and the user and
> group accounts for 20 users. He is extremely bright, fast, and has much
> more knowledge than I do ...or does he?

Hum you must be kidding. If he is that slow he is plain stupid. I do 
install both NT and Unices and I can assure you that I am well capable of 
installing a Unix webserver as fast as a NT one. If you want that cheap, 
I'll install you a Linux one. I can install a basic webserver faster on 
Linux than on NT. I'll have it secured easily too. There's not more need 
than knowledge. And if you're wondering if NT is entreprise-ready, well 
try and tell your NT-server how he has to route thru specific gateways to 
get to specific subnets. The chance a Unix-admin finds it faster than 
most NT-admins is high. I amazed some very experienced NT-only people by 
doing it. They 'd never taught to use the command-line and type route...
> Enjoy your naivete while you can.

Enjoy yours while it lasts. I can easily find hundreds of things 
Unix-admins find normal you couldn't dream of doing. I can easily 
administrate all my unices from this one box, using secure ways to 
connect to them and without having to compromise their security. And with 
administation I mean everything. Including reconfiguring, installing new 
software, ... While you're trying to do all that, give your server 
located 1000 miles away a new IP and install a new virtual server on it.
My record is less than 5 minutes for that, yours?

>                           Arvin Meyer
>                       On-Site Solutions
> Database Development - NT Systems Engineering

Dirk Moerenhout

System Administrator, Unix & NT
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