[rc5] Re: Supercomputers & Bovine, Q&A

Costin RAIU craiu at usa.net
Tue Aug 5 14:01:49 EDT 1997

Talking about supercomputers, here's some info about Intel's
located at Sandia Labs.
 (more on this at http://www.sandia.gov/ASCI/Red.htm)

(or see
for the top 500 of the fastest supercomputers in the world)

Intel's P. at Sandia labs:

Processors: 7264
If all of them were used to crack RC5, using Bovine's client the total
speed would be: 
approx. 3.6 * 10^9 keys/sec
Time required to complete the 2^56 keyspace: approx. 5 months and 10
actually about 2.5 months of run required to find the key.

For the RC5/64bits the time to complete the keyspace would be 114 years
(of course, the estimate is not accurate, because of Moore's law)

For the RC5/72bits challange, about 30000 years are required to do a
complete search
of the keyspace. (I think I'll stop here with the estimates)

Anyway, we don't have to worry about a possible opponent, they have
better things to
do with that monster.

NOTE: Bovine still has 0.9 ears to go. (until the 2^56 keyspace is

BTW: I think RC5/2^56 is probably the last major crack effort on RC5, at
least until
we'll all have a RED Paragon on our desk :)
PS: With 10000 RED ASIC Paragons, the time to complete RC5/64 would be 4
days !


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