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Sean McPherson sean at ntr.net
Tue Aug 5 09:21:11 EDT 1997

> On Mon, 4 Aug 1997, Arvin Meyer wrote:
> > In my environment, even free, Linux would be more expensive than NT,
> > because my users can't run Excel, Word, or Access on the Linux machines.
> > Their productivity suffers by a huge factor, and that's the bottom line in
> > a business atmosphere. It doesn't matter how good anything is if they
> > can't use it productively.
> So instead you bend over and spread em' wide for Microsoft?
> Thats the problem with the modern world... We are too willing to give up
> freedom for ease and safety.
Just to toss my 2 cents worth in here, I happen to use Linux as my desktop
OS, and I have a whiz-bang spreadsheet program that GUESS WHAT! can read
and write in Excel format. It does all kinds of nifty little excel stuff.
Oh yeah, I also happen to use Wordperfect in linux, and I have a set of
SQL programs that access our database and even dupe important tables onto
my local machine for me during those times when I have serious crunching
to do. (A dual P200 running linux can kick the ass of many machines w/
bigger CPU's so long as only one person is using it. When I haveta crunch
tables, I don't wanna share a system with other people. I want dedicated
CPU access, ram, and disk I/O, but that's a diff story). 

So I don't figure my productivity has spread too much, and apart from
Wordperfect, this stuff is all free, and IF they happen to die, I don't
get a GPF that locks the whole system (and I REALLY hate to break it to
you, but I see NT do that, regardless of what M$ says about how it can't).
Don't get me wrong, I USE NT for some things, but it ain't the only
option. Too many people figure that linux is non-productive or only for
people too cheap to buy NT. 

It just ain't so.

Sean McPherson
sean at ntr.net
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