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Sean McPherson sean at ntr.net
Tue Aug 5 09:29:42 EDT 1997

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> I also notice that you are a U of Md student. My nephew is a colleague of
> yours, and a die-hard Unix fanatic. His father (a highly paid consultant)
> and I recently had a good laugh about a Unix installation he did. In the
> time it takes him to install, configure, and debug a Unix webserver, I
> have a complete NT network installed (3 servers and 18 workstations)
> complete with the full applications software package, and the user and
> group accounts for 20 users. He is extremely bright, fast, and has much
> more knowledge than I do ...or does he?
> Enjoy your naivete while you can.
>                           Arvin Meyer
>                       On-Site Solutions
> Database Development - NT Systems Engineering

	Anyone that thinks they can set up 21 NT boxes including three
servers and 18 wkstations and do it right in the time the nephew did the
webserver either A) didn't understand what the nephew was REALLY doing,
and thought he was just installing one thing, B) the nephew doesn't really
know what he was doing and fumbled his way through it, C) Just stuck a
CD into the NT server and then did remote installs with all the defualt
options (Oh yeah, didja know you can do that with UNIX too?)
or D) did a job on those NT boxes to the point that *I* wouldn't want my
CC number on it anywhere.
	You probably figure that that NT network is C2 compliant, right?

	Enjoy your naivete while you can.

Sean McPherson
sean at ntr.net
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