[rc5] Proxy Port 3056?

Irwan Hadi phoenix at cutey.com
Tue Aug 5 20:29:23 EDT 1997

At 16:12 05/08/97 +1200, you wrote:
>I just tried running my client Linux Version 2.002 client pointed at port
>So far I have done about 60 blocks, and found no 'solution'...
>I am running Linux Slackware 2.0.27 #2.
>Any thoughts apprecated!
I'm running it on P 100 with Win'95, and I 've completely done about 140
blocks, and ... no'solution'

You Should know, as at my posting some days ago, "what will happen", you
won't know if you have found the exact key, UNTIL you send it to server.

BTW, can someone tell me, if I 've found the exact key (of course I don't
know about this first), then I send the keys to the server. If one of the
blocks that I send to server is contain the exact key , what will happen.
Does the server will tell me some days again, Congratulations !!!, you have
WIN the game, or what ???

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