[rc5] Re: Supercomputers & Bovine, Q&A

Murray Stokely murray at cdrom.com
Tue Aug 5 10:53:34 EDT 1997

% I have to defend my nephew here. He is neither slow, nor stupid. My IQ is
% 153, and I'm sure he eclipses that. He could use a keyboard before he

Care to give us your annual income as well?  What kind of idiot posts
his IQ?  Thats just one of the things you don't do.

% I'm not saying that NT is better, or faster. I am saying it's more
% productive in a business setting. I build and install databases on

How so?  When the UNIX server is setup right, it doesn't need any
babying.  Zero Administration was achieved years ago.  You keep acting
like we're arguing UNIX as a desktop OS.

% business systems, and train users how to use them. The users are very
% knowledgeable about their work, but not about computers. A GUI based 
% networking system (of which NT is the best by far) makes that job easier
% for me, and for them. A company with 25 or 30 users needs a full time
% admin with Unix, but with NT they can have a power user handle much of the
% day to day work, while doing other tasks, and bring me in as a consultant
% as they need me. Most businesses could care less about which system is
% running. They care about ease of use, user productivity, and overall
% hardware and software costs. In other words the bottom line.

Since one unix box on a pentium class PC is ALOT more efficient at
what it does than one NT box on a pentium class PC, it looks like your
saving money in both hardware and software with UNIX.  Why does the
users productivity depend on the server.. at my installation the users
don't have any knowledge about the server.  They run their 95/Mac
clients and are happy.  Unix gets the job done and stays out of the
user's view.

Murray Stokely

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