[rc5] Cumulative Stats Accuracy?

Ralf Helbing helbing at isgnw.cs.Uni-Magdeburg.DE
Tue Aug 5 20:04:45 EDT 1997


> It appears that they processed the old stats with a new stat engine.

I have to admit, the whole stats issue pisses me off rather seriously.
First they have almost working stats, updated hourly; only some emails
are wrong.  Then they disable them to fix that tiny (?) bug.  As they
find out that it would take forever, they decide to make
non-cumulative daily stats and call everyone who reads them a

Then Mr Bovine announces that he got the stats working and goes to
bed.  Since then the total stats have been updated maybe three times
or so.

As they find out from reading the mailing list that there are in fact
some stats addicts, they set up this work-in-progress page that tells
us what they are doing.  Soon this page lists many things that work,
supposedly.  If they really work, we'll never know since none of it is
released or otherwise visible.

At this point, I should offer some assistance, but unfortunately, I'm
not good at coding encryption algorithms or cgi programming.  But
then, even people who could help, aren't allowed to.

"Drink it all.  Sometimes the poison's at the bottom."

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