[rc5] Stats and such

Rocket Socks Eric.S.Smith at williams.edu
Tue Aug 5 14:11:34 EDT 1997

A couple of things:

1) I installed the newest (8/5) release of the WinGUI client onto an NT
machine (P166) and it went from cranking out blocks with an error every
now and then (it would say some fatal network error and then make its own
random block - but if it was shut down and restarted, it would then work
fine... this happened lots).  Now it will connect via a proxy, retrieve a
block, and then it will show that a block is being processed and finished
three times in quick succession - but without doing anything
(07C6D3:40000000 is one) to or with it, and then it will grab another one
and do just fine with it.

2) I have set my Netscape's home page to be the RC5 page.  Every morning I
start it up and see how many blocks I crunched and where I stand compared
to others (usually not very well).  That is via the form that allows me to
enter my e-mail address and then it shows stats.  After that I go to the
one that allows by domain name - so I look up williams.edu - it lets me
know which computers I have setup were turned off and also who else here
on campus is participating.  But today (8/5) when I checked, it says taht
there are no hosts at williams.edu running and it had me with really low
blocks completed...

anyone else had either of these problemsand want to help me out?

or perhaps in light of how the list has been going - someone just flame me
and let me know that my posts get read at least.


Eric Smith
The facts, although interesting, are irrelevant.

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