[rc5] Stats and such

Rocket Socks Eric.S.Smith at williams.edu
Tue Aug 5 17:49:53 EDT 1997

On Wed, 6 Aug 1997, dan carter wrote:
> >there are no hosts at williams.edu running and it had me with really low
> >blocks completed...
> Same problem here, looking up .nz
> To quote from the homepage "Cumulative statistics representing
>                                                           our recent
> data is available. They
>                                                            should now
> be fully functional."
> and "July 28 -- Cumulative stats have
>            been rerun, host data should now
>            be accurate."
> Well, it seems not. Guess ill have to start productive work, instead of
> looking up stats <G>

although now when I checked, it has the stats from the 3rd...  whatever

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