[rc5] RE: Cumulative stats for 8/4 ---

Brian J. Stewart bstewart at primary.net
Tue Aug 5 17:08:55 EDT 1997

I have to agree 100% with Dave Hubbard on the stats being incorrect, wacky,
wigged-out, insane... but hey, no biggie.  We just want to be insured that
our work is being reported, and no keys are being dropped.

Here are the daily stats (from 8/4)

	6 dhubbard at eng.usf.edu 8451 
	11 bstewart at kc-primary.net 4511 

Here are the cumulative stats (through-up-to 8/4)

	12 dhubbard at eng.usf.edu 211373 
	28 bstewart at kc-primary.net 96926 

>From my records I kept from (7/28 cumlative)

	28 bstewart at kc-primary.net 93434


Let's see add 8/4 daily stats to the 7/28 cumulative and I get 97945,
obviously MORE than what the stats say i did in an entire week... My stats
average 3500-6000 per day, which I guesstimated on our teams home page to
be around 125000 on 8/4...

Someone needs to recheck the stats database, when time permits. 
Oh yeah.. my OS is better than yours, my CPU is faster than yours, I want
source code d*mnit!, donating to PG sucks, where is my optimized client for
my C-128?, Cyberian better than Bovine... did i forget an bitching???  

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