[rc5] Cumulative Stats Accuracy?

Guan Sin Ong cceonggs at segamat.nus.edu.sg
Wed Aug 6 10:39:05 EDT 1997

Ralf Helbing wrote:
> I have to admit, the whole stats issue pisses me off rather seriously.
> First they have almost working stats, updated hourly; only some emails
> are wrong.  Then they disable them to fix that tiny (?) bug.  As they
> find out that it would take forever, they decide to make
> non-cumulative daily stats and call everyone who reads them a
> stats-addict.
> Then Mr Bovine announces that he got the stats working and goes to
> bed.  Since then the total stats have been updated maybe three times
> or so.
> As they find out from reading the mailing list that there are in fact
> some stats addicts, they set up this work-in-progress page that tells
> us what they are doing.  Soon this page lists many things that work,
> supposedly.  If they really work, we'll never know since none of it is
> released or otherwise visible.
> At this point, I should offer some assistance, but unfortunately, I'm
> not good at coding encryption algorithms or cgi programming.  But
> then, even people who could help, aren't allowed to.

I have the same sentiment towards all these. For me, Bovine is dying
already. Many current users soon will migrate or quit all together if
this kind of silence from the team persists and ignorance of volunteers'
offer continues. 

My frustration is further fuelled by the fact that at one point the two
sentences - "Cumulative statistics representing our recent data is
available. They should now be fully functional." - were added to the
frontpage, but the reality is far from what they meant. What are the
problems which cannot be solved but claimed to already be solved? Let's
face it and bring it out to the whole community if you people can't
solve it. This is not really so much an issue of stats only, but the
whole project's future and success are the issue. Imagine, due to
oversight or programming mistake, the data of already-checked blocks are
lost or corrupted and force the whole effort to start from scratch! When
the data you are dealing with is huge, one small programming error can
cost a lot! Give more people a chance to help!

Let's face it. If you have not enough manpower, skills, resources, or
whatever, get help from many more volunteers on the list! To my dismay,
this is the first Net project I ever see where the people in charge are
so resistent to voluntary help.

A very frustrated RC5 cracker,
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