[rc5] getting rid of the hidden client

John Bishop moonwick at iquest.net
Tue Aug 5 23:36:50 EDT 1997

> Okay, I asked this before.  I apologize ahead of time for not remembering
> it.  I have about 15 comptuers now running the Win hidden client.  They
> all need to be updated and many of them are running two processes at the
> same time for various different reasons.  One of those reasons being
> thatlast time I asked this question someone pointed out that in the README
> file it said that -uninstall would do just that... well, I can't speak for

I went through the registry and searched for "WINGUI32.EXE"... it occured
twice, and I erased both occurances... as far as I know, it no longer

> via that right now b/c the whole rc5.distributed.net site seems to be down
> (for me at least on 4 different places on campus).

Yep!  =(

	- J. Bishop

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