[rc5] Here's another suggestion (Stats Gripe)

Matt Steinhoff mls at audiosports.net
Wed Aug 6 13:31:17 EDT 1997

> How about just implementing some simple, live, working stats?

    I agree totally.
    Forget the client for now. It works well enough for most people.
The stats work for no one. Spend a week or however long necessary
and do nothing but stats.

    WARNING: This rant has been weeks in the making.

    (If you are still reading, it's your fault I'm wasting your time.)

    The stats are what make this fun. I'm not in this for the money
or glory. I'm in this for the fun. Since the stats broke, I haven't
been having much fun. (Note that `fun' is the number three listed
reason why the Bovine effort exists.)
    I'm aware how difficult it is to run an effort such as this. I
was involved with the DES SolNET effort for several months and, in
fact, hosted the only keyserver in the United States for that effort.
({Deity of your choice} bless Magnus, Lindgren and else.)
    Client development is important though not nearly as important
as keeping the folks who are running the client happy. It doesn't
matter if your client can do 1% of the keyspace an hour if no one
will run the client in the first place.
    I can't justify running the client on 40-some-odd 586 and better
machines if I get no joy from the stats. Without stats, I can't taunt
other people. Doesn't everyone recognize the fact that most people
get involved just so they can display their computer wood?
    (For those of you in other countries that don't fully grasp `wood',
please rent Beavis and Butthead Do America.)
    My team started out with just four computers. We emailed some
friends at another company and started competing. Each morning,
flames would be sent depending on the stats. The build-up reached
levels of intensity not seen since the Cold War.
    On seven dial-up machines, I've stopped running the client. I
think I lost a few Windows machines in another department. I've got
137 brand new PowerMacs that I could use but it would mean getting
permission from another department head. With no one to compete
against, it just isn't worth the hassle.

    Summary: Please fix the stats and I'll stop whining and add
             even more computers to the effort.


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