[rc5] NT and clients

Rocket Socks Eric.S.Smith at williams.edu
Wed Aug 6 13:51:22 EDT 1997

Okay, my NT machine (actually my friend's that I am watching for a year)
is doing odd thngs... or perhaps I'm just watching it more closely now.
With the new GUI client it would pull down a block, then be done with it
in less than a second and go through that 3 times in quick succession - it
is only a P166, so it isn't really processing anything there... that's bad
one would think.  Then the next block would be fine, and then the next be
screwy - alternating like that forever.
Also it was giving me weird Network errors, and I know that there weren't
any b/c I have a Win95/Linux machine sitting 2 feet away from it connected
to the same ethernet jack via a splitter... and its dandy.

So I sacraficed the speed and went back to the old client.  Except now it
will take a block and process it twice in a row, which is pointless and
halves the speed of the thing right?

I'm frustrated and I know that if I throw the NT machine out the window it
probably won't fix the errors... so does anyone else have a better idea
(other than installing Linux - I was going to do that, but there is a lack
of disk space)??


Eric Smith
The facts, although interesting, are irrelevant.

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