[rc5] Here's another suggestion (Stats Gripe)

Murray Stokely murray at cdrom.com
Wed Aug 6 11:12:42 EDT 1997

   I think you pretty much speak for all of us.  Just do what the rest
of us have done at switch over to Cyberian.  I asked some members of
another department if they wanted to help out and they laughed saying
we were just wasting energy.  I then started taunting them and in a
matter of days they've recruited a 40+ computer force and the
competition is feirce.  They must reload the cyberian stats page 50
times a day to be able and throw the numbers in our face. ;)

On Wed, 6 Aug 1997, Matt Steinhoff wrote:
%     I agree totally.
%     Forget the client for now. It works well enough for most people.
% The stats work for no one. Spend a week or however long necessary
% and do nothing but stats.
%     WARNING: This rant has been weeks in the making.
%     (If you are still reading, it's your fault I'm wasting your time.)
%     The stats are what make this fun. I'm not in this for the money
% or glory. I'm in this for the fun. Since the stats broke, I haven't
% been having much fun. (Note that `fun' is the number three listed
% reason why the Bovine effort exists.)
%     I'm aware how difficult it is to run an effort such as this. I
% was involved with the DES SolNET effort for several months and, in
% fact, hosted the only keyserver in the United States for that effort.
% ({Deity of your choice} bless Magnus, Lindgren and else.)
%     Client development is important though not nearly as important
% as keeping the folks who are running the client happy. It doesn't
% matter if your client can do 1% of the keyspace an hour if no one
% will run the client in the first place.
%     I can't justify running the client on 40-some-odd 586 and better
% machines if I get no joy from the stats. Without stats, I can't taunt
% other people. Doesn't everyone recognize the fact that most people
% get involved just so they can display their computer wood?
%     (For those of you in other countries that don't fully grasp `wood',
% please rent Beavis and Butthead Do America.)
%     My team started out with just four computers. We emailed some
% friends at another company and started competing. Each morning,
% flames would be sent depending on the stats. The build-up reached
% levels of intensity not seen since the Cold War.
%     On seven dial-up machines, I've stopped running the client. I
% think I lost a few Windows machines in another department. I've got
% 137 brand new PowerMacs that I could use but it would mean getting
% permission from another department head. With no one to compete
% against, it just isn't worth the hassle.

Murray Stokely

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