[rc5] Defection and disintegration

Sean McPherson sean at ntr.net
Wed Aug 6 17:37:35 EDT 1997

If you don't want to hear any kind of defense FOR the distributed.net
team, delete this message now, because I fully intend to state an opinion
which will quite frankly piss some people off.

	First of all, I'd like to *THANK* all of the admins at
Distributed.net. You are a great bunch of people, and I really appreciate
the work you all have done. Would I like better stats and a client every
few days? Sure! But that's NOT why I'm here. I want to prove that 56bits
aren't enough. So for all the work you've done trying to keep up with
requests for clients, stats, and proxies, a say THANK YOU!

	Now, on to the real issue. Mainly, this whole Cyberian thing. Let
me put it like this: IF YOU WANT TO LEAVE, JUST DO IT! Quit running the
bovine clients you hate so much, quit checking the stats page you hate so
much, quit worrying about the Gutenberg project, quit worrying
about your $1000, quit bitching about how no one will accept your
help, quit sending mail to the damn mailing lists you hate so much, and
unsubscribe from them! Mainly, QUIT bitching about how BAD bovine is and
how GOOD Cyberian is and just get the hell out of Dodge! We're all so
happy you like Cyberian, and now that we know the web site address, we can
look it up for ourselves if we are so inclined! So quite posting to this
BOVINE list about how you are going to Cyberian, and how you are so much
happier with cyberian, and how lovely their stats are. Using the bovine
mailing lists to recruit people for Cyberian seems a bit rude, to put it

	As for me, I KNOW a lot of effort has gone into the stats, the
proxies, the binaries, and keeping the mailing lists alive, and MY CPU
cycles and my good wishes for Bovine will STAY RIGHT HERE. But let me tell
you, you WON'T see me subscribe to the Cyberian mailing lists and bitch to
them. That's just too low for me to consider...


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