[rc5] Re: Supercomputers & Bovine, Q&A

bennett_t1 at popmail.firn.edu bennett_t1 at popmail.firn.edu
Wed Aug 6 18:28:59 EDT 1997

At 01:16 AM 8/5/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Fine, let the moron lusers use Win95 or whatever, thats what it was
>written for.  You'll feel the loss in freedom when there is no more
>opportunity to "choose the right tool for the job", because the only thing
>left is the behemoth Microsoft.

Well, since Linux for the most part isn't Commercial, just made by
volunteers, I don't see how it will die away.

>Your money does not impress me.  I have little regard for people who do
>the wrong thing for profit.

What the hell is "the wrong thing" exactly?  Someone using software that
you don't like?

>The situations are totally incomparable.  Anyone can slap down a network
>with stock distributions of software.  If the operating system comes w/
>the hardware, it usually involves editing exactly one file, or changing
>one dialog box, or whatever, then plugging everything in to the switch.

Thus, an easy, out-of-the-box network.  Can you say "Duh?"

>IMHO, Microsoft doesn't make superior products.  The only reason for their
>recent success is their good, aggressive marketing.

And the reason Apple stock isn't doing so well is that their marketing
sucks (note to mac users:  I'm not going to debate this.  Apple CANNOT

In the matter of making poor products, and their ability to sell them by
marketing, at least you can hit *that* nail on the head.

And *no*, I'm not starting a platform war.  I'm poiting a few things out,
as well as giving my humble opinion.

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