[rc5] I Still Support You

jp vranesev at basd.k12.pa.us
Wed Aug 6 19:29:41 EDT 1997

Well, I still support the Bovine Effort. So much so in fact, that i
now have 28 servers running the client, and i expect to bring in an
estimated 4,500+ blocks a day. Sure the stats suck for now, but i'm sure
given some time they'll work it out. It's not about the stats anyways is
it? Well, it may be for some, but it's not for me. Keep up the good work
Bovine admins, and look for my email addy in the top 50 very shortly
(heh, hope you all cought the irony in that last statemnt ;)

	Yours In Cyberspace,

		John Vranesevich
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