[rc5] Defection and disintegration

Bryan Talbot btalbot at qualcomm.com
Wed Aug 6 16:51:22 EDT 1997

The linux p5 client is about 10% faster on the machines I just tried it
out on.  No new feature that I noticed, but that client didn't need any
for me anyway.  Now for a multi-threaded win32 client that can run on
all the Quad Ppro's we have without having to run four separate

Stuart Anthony wrote:

> On Wed, 6 Aug 1997, Murray Stokely wrote:
> > On Wed, 6 Aug 1997, Ryan Dumperth wrote:
> > % Would one of the Bovine admins *please* respond to all these posts
> > % concerning the future of distributed.net? Your silence is
> deafening.
> >
> Ok, I'll take time from porting the new 2.003 clients to post here...
> Yes, 2.003 is out.  We're currently compiling them on as many
> platforms as
> possible. They're faster than the current 2.002 client (196Kkeys on a
> Ultra-1 Sparc compared to 139Kkeys, 189Kkeys on a P150 in NT4.0
> compared
> to 181Kkeys...)
> The main problems that have been plaguging stats are being worked on.
> The
> logjam was due to Real Life problems of some of the people getting the
> boot from school/etc...  Sorry, most of us are doing this in our spare
> time and do work a job.
> The stats have been handed over to someone else, to distribute (wow)
> the
> load from a central person.  Expect them to be working soon and be
> more
> feature laden.
> And for the defectors, well, when ya see you have
> to have 3 different .exe's, and there are other ini files/cache files,
> greater problems getting keys...
> --Pete
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