[rc5] Stats Stats Stats

David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Wed Aug 6 19:19:37 EDT 1997

Just a brief update on the stats situation...

The downed route to distributed.net yesterday prevented us from processing
the 8/4 cumulative stats, much less 8/5 dailies and cumulatives.  (Of course, 
due to the true distributed nature of the bovine effort, even though
distributed.net was shut off from the world for nearly eight hours, the
keyserver network operation was unaffected and not a single key was lost!)

THe promary reason that stats has been ailing lately is due to the fact
that it was being handled by the programmers who have rightfully been more
focused on 2.003 coding than anything else lately.  Rather than see
something like this happen again, stats are now being handled by new
people, on a new machine (in a new way).  It's been a few days to just get
a handle on what needs to be done, but rest assured, when stats come back I
think you'll be very pleased by the new system.

Please be patient with us as we try to get a handle on things and push to
get the stats back up and reliable.  At the very least, we'll be going back
to the raw logfiles to make sure that none of the figures are in error.

Thanks again for your patience and continued support.  Remember, this
wouldn't be a problem at all if we weren't doing such a fantastic job of
cracking keys!  Lets keep that keyrate going strong!

-David McNett
 nugget at slacker.com

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