[rc5] Defection and disintegration

Jeffrey Doolittle jdoolittle at ibm.net
Wed Aug 6 21:05:05 EDT 1997


On Wed, 6 Aug 1997 16:37:35 -0400 (EDT), Sean McPherson wrote:

>If you don't want to hear any kind of defense FOR the distributed.net
>team, delete this message now, because I fully intend to state an opinion
>which will quite frankly piss some people off.
>	First of all, I'd like to *THANK* all of the admins at
>Distributed.net. You are a great bunch of people, and I really appreciate
>the work you all have done. 
>Serious replies accepted and replied to; flames redirected to dev/null.
>Sean McPherson
>sean at ntr.net
>Systems Administration
>NTR.Net Corporation

I'm another person who hates seeing the 'me too' notes but I cannot just read this mailing list any longer.  I completely agree with 
everything you have stated.

My purpose in being here is to assist in cracking RC5 as quickly as possible, although I am interested in the statisitics pages (only 
for OS/2) they are not the reason I am here.  I must admit that I have NOT had a single problem with the OS/2 or FreeBSD clients 
since I started (v2.0 days), only with the RC5Mail program for team 'warped' but Dean has been very responsive issuing fixes.

So please add my THANKS to the folks at Distributed.net as well....  Keep up the good work....
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