[rc5] Is v2.003 Gone?

Jeff Lawson jlawson at hmc.edu
Wed Aug 6 19:52:32 EDT 1997

At 12:58 PM 8/7/97 +1200, dan carter wrote:
>Is it just me or has the contents of
>ftp://ftp.distributed.net/pub/rc5/v2.003 become empty?

Yes the clients are temporarily offline because too many people were
downloading them, as we had not officially released them yet.  (That is why
there was no announcement of it on the list yet).  We were doing limited
testing of the v2.003 clients in the #rc5 channel and did not intend for
them to go any further.

We expect the final releases for v2.003 will begin going out in a few hours

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