[rc5] Defection and disintegration

Guan Sin Ong cceonggs at segamat.nus.edu.sg
Thu Aug 7 10:54:18 EDT 1997

Sean McPherson wrote:
> If you don't want to hear any kind of defense FOR the distributed.net
> team, delete this message now, because I fully intend to state an opinion
> which will quite frankly piss some people off.

For me, the issue is not so much of the broken stats alone. I have
always in great support of Bovie and disagree to a large extent with the
emergence of Cyberian. But, as the subject "defection and
disintegration" highlighted, lately Bovine has been going in the wrong
way. Deafening silence from the core team, no acknowledgement of
problems, repeated delays of promised deadlines (and no words on the
delays), etc. are all too threatening to the faith of many
non-technical, just-for-fun, not-here-just-to-prove-56bit-is-weak
people. We must acknowledge that this is a truly distributed project,
every single small fry counts towards to total effort. Keeping those
users is extremely important. 

Now, what has been frustrating me most is the failure to recognise the
serious shortage of resources and manpower in the core team and reliance
on single persons for certain things. Please do make this effort as
distributed (after all, this is *distributed.net*) as possible and make
the working team more open and accessible to others. 

But, after saying all these words, I must still say "Hey, keep up the
good work"! (You see, we *all* want Bovine to be good and successful!)


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