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Guan Sin Ong cceonggs at segamat.nus.edu.sg
Thu Aug 7 11:02:02 EDT 1997

This is the *best* and most "comforting" post from the core team to the
list so far! Thank you so much for such a nicely worded message (as I
think in your heart strong feeling has developed after the stressful
days in Bovine). 

I think this kind of message is more important than actually fixing the
problem, because I believe deafening silence can really bring
unwarranted noises which eventually leads to defection and possible

Again, we *all* want Bovine to be in top shape and, more importantly, at
highest key rate! :) Thank you again.


David McNett wrote:
> Just a brief update on the stats situation...
> The downed route to distributed.net yesterday prevented us from processing
> the 8/4 cumulative stats, much less 8/5 dailies and cumulatives.  (Of course,
> due to the true distributed nature of the bovine effort, even though
> distributed.net was shut off from the world for nearly eight hours, the
> keyserver network operation was unaffected and not a single key was lost!)
> THe promary reason that stats has been ailing lately is due to the fact
> that it was being handled by the programmers who have rightfully been more
> focused on 2.003 coding than anything else lately.  Rather than see
> something like this happen again, stats are now being handled by new
> people, on a new machine (in a new way).  It's been a few days to just get
> a handle on what needs to be done, but rest assured, when stats come back I
> think you'll be very pleased by the new system.
> Please be patient with us as we try to get a handle on things and push to
> get the stats back up and reliable.  At the very least, we'll be going back
> to the raw logfiles to make sure that none of the figures are in error.
> Thanks again for your patience and continued support.  Remember, this
> wouldn't be a problem at all if we weren't doing such a fantastic job of
> cracking keys!  Lets keep that keyrate going strong!
> -David McNett
>  nugget at slacker.com
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