[rc5] Cumulative Stats Accuracy?

Bill Higgins bhiggins at shaw.wave.ca
Wed Aug 6 21:45:26 EDT 1997

Hailing frequencies open Admiral:

As the commanding officer of Starbase XII Crackers I've been keeping
quiet, but as my fellow team member
Matthew has pointed out, yes the stats are screwed. By my estimate our
team is doing approximently 1.75Mkeys/sec not the 446Kkeys/sec as shown
in our stats... My advice to all stats addicts is just to hang tough and
give it some time... it is more important to crack RC5 then to gripe
about stats...

Also, I'm missing the e-mail address <and names> of two of our team
members <I screwed up, lets just say the web page got sucked into a
wormhole and had to be recreated by memory> If you are on my team please
drop me a line and let me know so I can update the page again...

Admiral Madduck
Commanding Officer Starbase XII

Hailing frequencies closed Admiral

bennett_t1 at popmail.firn.edu wrote:

> Speaking of e-mail screw-ups, the stats display the team I'm in,
> Starbase
> XII (bhiggins at shaw.wave.ca), the stats say that we are running at 300
> keys/sec average, but I know for a fact that the other teammates, 3 of
> them, the founders of the team, have the cracker running 24/7 and
> never
> turn it off.  This is for 9 computers, all Win95, but some Pentium 133
> &
> 120's, and a few high end 486's.  I run mine 24/7 almost all the time,
> varying in speed due to other programs on the computer.  I average
> around
> 400 keys/sec.  So yes, the stats are REALLY screwed.

Bill Higgins Bsc. Hon. <bhiggins at shaw.wave.ca>
Microsoft Certified Product Specialist
Starbase XII <calgary.shaw.wave.ca/~bhiggins/starbase.htm

Positronic Computing <positronic at shaw.wave.ca>

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