[rc5] Cyberian Discussion

Rebecca and Rowland rebecca at astrid.u-net.com
Thu Aug 7 05:16:33 EDT 1997

>Oh thats a mature response....
>For one, when we get about 100 messages a day like yours Rowland,

What, you mean like messages offering constructive feedback, suggestions,
offers of help, technical questions about the operation of the client, and
that sort of thing?

> you
>have two options, ignore them, and continue working, or spend half your
>day repsonding to useless messages.... what would you rather have us

Personally, I think you'd do better to answer the useful email you get from
people like me, instead of ignoring it.  Because if you do ignore it, you
get people like me getting irritated and venting their spleen in public;
the alternative is having a useful bit of extra help: e.g., another
processor running flat out - mine; and a technical author writing the
documentation - me.

As it happens, I'm giving Nate a hand with his Mac docs - he felt able to
write the documentation on his own (which I didn't) and he went ahead and
did it.  No, I'm not claiming to be `co-author'; just offering constructive
criticism - the best I can do.

>Personally, I ignore most of your messages, although, I have replied
>to the ones that actually asked a question.

So how come I've got so many sensible questions that were never answered?
I've asked *lots* of questions - directed at rc5help at slacker.com - but
virtually all of them have been ignored.


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