[rc5] Cumulative Stats Accuracy?

Costin RAIU craiu at usa.net
Thu Aug 7 11:39:51 EDT 1997

Mikus Grinbergs wrote:
> It should be feasible for the Bovine coders to define a _FORMAT_
> in which the raw data is made available to the statistics site(s).
> Once they know that format, lots of VOLUNTEERS can take on the job
> of converting the arriving data into jazzy web displays.
> [By having a DEFINED INTERFACE between the "proprietary" part of
> the effort, and the 'display-it-but-don't-modify-it' back end,
> the talents of many individuals can help produce 'cool' outputs.
> (Unless, of course, the intent is to come out of the rc5 effort
> with a controlled product that can be packaged for megabucks.)]
> mikus

This is the first constructive ideea heard about the statistics on
this list. I'd like to have my own page of statistics, and so
many others, I think. But probably, the internal format of the
statistics is not avaible (like the sources) :(



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