[rc5] State of the Bovine Address

Gustav Bjoerkman gnork at beyond.malmo.lth.se
Thu Aug 7 12:30:15 EDT 1997

On Wed, 6 Aug 1997, Kevyn Shortell wrote:

> Greetings fellow RC5'rs
> I'd like to take a quick moment, to give you an update as to the status
> of things here at the Bovine RC5 Headquarters. Like our namesake, we're
> actually distributed around the planet, so communications, internally
> has not always been easy.
> We're in the process of expanding the core team, as well as changing of
> the guard on Stats, and coding the next version of client, all at the
> same time.

> Many people have stated, that they would like to help, and I thank them
> from the tips of my tired fingers, and ask that you bear with us, as we
> migrate things around internally to facilitate these new changes, which
> will allow us to accept help, alittle easier, than we've done in the
> past, and on that note:
> If anyone has any RAM, Disk Space or other hardware they would like to
> donate, i.e. give to the cause our database server, could definatly use 
> ALOT more ram and disk =) 
> I apologize for the missed delays in client releases, we'll see what
> we can do to ship releases on time, and when we can't, let you know
> about it!
> Many interesting and exciting things are in the works, so stick around
> and see what we've got cooking =)

You put the smile back on my face! We've lost 3/4 of our team due to
the stats. And THAT was very annoying. I know that Duncan, Jeff and the
rest of the core team does a great job. Not many can organize an effort
like this. But I still think the stats could be fixed much sooner. 

How large are the current databases? How much RAM do you need to keep
everything in memory?


> Thanks,
> Kevyn Shortell
> Macintosh Coordinator
> Bovine RC5 Challenge
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