[rc5] Client for Alpha NT?

Fergus Hammond fhammond at Adobe.COM
Thu Aug 7 16:39:34 EDT 1997

Hey all,

I've just joined the Bovine effort, putting Adobe's Seattle test lab to
work (well, when it's not doing other things!). We mostly have Macs and
Intel machines but we also have a whole pile of AlphaStation 500/500s
(that is, the 500Mhz 21164 model) and several quad processor AlphaServer
4100s, all running NT 4.0 (no, Digital Unix is not an option).

Digital has a product called "FX!32" that'll let 32bit Intel apps run on
the Alpha but I'm sure I could get much better performance if the RC5
client was a native Alpha binary. Does such a thing exist? Seems a shame
to waste all that computing power...

Oh, as a current reference, the AlphaServers are processing about 2
million keys per second. 

Fergus Hammond
System Administrator, Engineering Services
Fhammond at adobe.com * 206 470 7335 * Pager: 800 458 8217

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