[rc5] win32gui proxy: questions

Guan Sin Ong cceonggs at segamat.nus.edu.sg
Fri Aug 8 16:31:42 EDT 1997

I have been trying to understand various things in the win32gui v2 proxy
released recently, but there is severe lack of documentation on this.
(Jeff, need a volunteer to write the documentation?) Any help on the
following would be much appreciated:

1) What is "minimum buffers to keep empty"? 

2) Sometimes it says "overflow threshold reached... Autodumping all
notifies to disk". What is this  "overflow threshold"? When will the
dumped notifications be actually submitted? 

3) When (2) happens, I tried to import key buffers from disk so that I
can manually submit the dumped notifications. But it refused to take
then in by saying "A total of 0 keys were imported from disk. There are
284 keys left in diskfile." It happened when 
	key in ready pool: 400
	Keys waiting for notification: 0
	Unused key buffers: 100
	Total notifications: 11
My settings are
	Minimum buffers to keep active: 300
	Maximum buffers to keep active: 500
	Minimum buffers to keep empty: 100


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