[rc5] BETA TEST: Amiga users

Kevyn Shortell kevyn at ricochet.net
Fri Aug 8 02:00:51 EDT 1997

Hello everyone,

We are looking for a few good Amiga's (No jokes you mac and pc users!) to
test out a canidate for the Bovine RC5 2.004 client.

Here's the info that the programmer passed along to me, concerning the
client, and some of the requirements.

Thanks for giving it a try!

Kevyn Shortell
Project Cheerleader
Bovine RC5 Challenge


Bovine 2.004 RC5 client for the Commodore Amiga

This client requires:

   Amiga Workbench 2.04 or greater
   A 68020 or better processor
   IW225 TCP/IP stack (or other AS225r2 compatible)

This client is probably only of interest to people with a 68040 or better,
though every last CPU cycle that can be given to the RC5 effort is welcome.

AmiTCP users should look for the socket.library->bsdsocket.library mapper.
While I have not tested it myself, this client uses very primitive socket
functions, and should work just fine.  Check AmiNet for the mapper (sorry,
but I don't know off hand what the name of the archive is).

Comments and bugs specific to the Amiga client are best directed to 'caw'
(or sometimes 'caw2') on WarpedNet and/or Efnet.

The client can be found at http://www.cawtech.com/~caw/rc5/rc5v2b4-amiga.lha

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