[rc5] NT client proxy not working still?

Jeff Lawson jlawson at hmc.edu
Fri Aug 8 02:13:00 EDT 1997

At 10:37 AM 8/6/97 -0600, James Knowles wrote:
>I've not been able to use a number of machines
>behind a firewall. The most reasonable-sounding
>explanation is that the client is not handling
>the rotating DNS correctly, or some such idea.
>According to the "to-do" list I interpreted it
>to be a recognized problem and that it's been
>I expected that this type of fix would have made
>it in the newest Win32 client, but I'm still 
>having problems connecting through the
>firewall. Are my expectations valid?

Do you know what type of http proxy you are using at your location?  Do you
know if you support SOCKS communications?  Are you able to submit HTML
forms through your http proxy?

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