[rc5] feature not yet implemented?

Mark Brown M.A.Brown-4 at sms.ed.ac.uk
Sat Aug 9 05:05:57 EDT 1997

   From: Mike Silbersack <silby at execpc.com>

   A while back, I remember people requesting a feature that would make rc5 go
   into a mode so that it wouldn't do *any* network communications, and simply
   run off the buffer file.  I didn't used to think this was necessary until

This would definately be a useful function.

   Since I have my 486/66 system networked with my primary computer (which I
   use to report blocks with on a daily basis), it would be much nicer if I

I have a small farm of computers (well, 3 plus one very flaky which is
going to go away for repair :( ) but only one can connect to the net.
It would be nice if the others did something sensible when they ran
out of stuff to do, instead of trying to connect and failing.

On a different topic: I got the v4 client, which detects my Cyrix 686
fine. However, my 486DX2 gets detected as one too most of the time.
Also, the web page still points at v2 clients (which is why I was
using one).

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