[rc5] feature not yet implemented?

Mike Silbersack silby at execpc.com
Sat Aug 9 10:53:02 EDT 1997

> From: Mark Brown <M.A.Brown-4 at sms.ed.ac.uk>
> To: rc5 at llamas.net
> Subject: Re: [rc5] feature not yet implemented?
> Date: Friday, August 08, 1997 11:05 PM
>    From: Mike Silbersack <silby at execpc.com>
>    A while back, I remember people requesting a feature that would make
rc5 go
>    into a mode so that it wouldn't do *any* network communications, and
>    run off the buffer file.  I didn't used to think this was necessary
> This would definately be a useful function.

Especially as it would allow many more computers to function; another great
feature would be giving the clients the ability to communicate over IPX; if
that was implemented, I could run a personal proxy on this computer here
and have them communicate that way.

Another cool possibility which I'd even PREFER to the windows 3.1 client is
a DOS client; all it would have to have is the file-based communication. 
This would greatly increase the likelyhood of me running Rc5 on my other
computer, as all I'd have to do is turn it on, and run a specified boot
configuration that established a network connection started the client

Organizers:  Is a DOS client planned?  If not, I'll work on it (If you'll
let me.)

>    Since I have my 486/66 system networked with my primary computer
(which I
>    use to report blocks with on a daily basis), it would be much nicer if
> I have a small farm of computers (well, 3 plus one very flaky which is
> going to go away for repair :( ) but only one can connect to the net.
> It would be nice if the others did something sensible when they ran
> out of stuff to do, instead of trying to connect and failing.
> On a different topic: I got the v4 client, which detects my Cyrix 686
> fine. However, my 486DX2 gets detected as one too most of the time.
> Also, the web page still points at v2 clients (which is why I was
> using one).

Oddly enough, the Cyrix 6x86 client is faster on my AMD 486/160 than the
486 client is.  So, don't worry too greatly; when I tested all the
different types with the rc5v2b3s2 client, the only one that was
significantly slower than the rest was the K5 client; the rest only varied
from 137KK/s -> 142KK/s.

Mike "Silby" Silbersack
silby at execpc.com

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