[rc5] New Cyberian team!

Sean McPherson sean at ntr.net
Sat Aug 9 13:55:35 EDT 1997

> Now, this said, I say do whatever YOU want to do, and do it for logical
> reasons.  If you're staying with Bovine do it because you like where
> the money's going.  Do it because the client's faster on your machine. 
> Do it because you like Nugget, Duncan, BovineOne, etc.  Do it because
> you started with Bovine and switching is a hassle.  If you switch, do
> it because you personally want more money.  Do it because Cyberian's
> client is faster on your machine.  Do it because you like the guys at
> Cyberian (they're pretty nice guys themselves from what I can tell). 
> Do it because they have working stats.  Do it because you want to
> trigger a little action on the part of the Bovine team.  IOW -- do
> whatever you do for your OWN reason's, not Evan Vetere's (unless of
> course you're Evan Vetere <g>).
> Colin L. Hildinger


I agree One Hundred percent with all of what you just said. There's
only one thng I'm having problems with, and that's the fact that people
who seem to be so hell-bent on working for cyberian are still posting so
much shit to this list, which is for the Bovine effort. I *know* it's an
open list, but if the people working on Cyberian would quit posting here
about "Leave Bovine! Join Cyberian!" and the people here on Bovine would
quit responding without seeing the facts, we'd all be better off.

All I'm hoping for is that the people who can't stand the Bovine effort
any more and who like the Cyberian effort so much for whatever reasons can
stop trying to 'recruit' from this list. Honestly, the insults going both
ways are getting old. I'm sure I'll hear a lot of complaints about this,
because people will assume I'm attacking Cyberian. I'm not; I'm simply
saying keep some of the Cyberian discussion on the Cyberian mailing lists,
and keep this one for Bovine discussion.

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