[rc5] New Cyberian team!

Murray Stokely murray at cdrom.com
Sat Aug 9 13:15:17 EDT 1997

% Ok, I'm imagining it. This is what i see:
% An effort with really crappy but working stats, clients for only a select few platforms and slower ones at that than theones we have now, and the loss of the current 3 Gk/s working rate we've acquired at Bovine. 

Stats are much better than what Bovine offered in teh beginning.  I
don't see anything that they're missing.  Updated every 8 minutes.
What is crappy about them?  

Source is released, many more platforms are supported.  Just not the

% In other words, exactly where we were in April, but with 10% of the keyspace and memories of a far greater past. 

Funny how everyone who switched over to Cyberian is having alot more
fun now.  I haven't seen ANYONE come back after switching to Cyberian.

% Get it out of your heads, you lying pack of sonofabitches. We don't need you. We lap your project every eighty hours. We're 10 times farther along than you and we're pulling ahead fast. And on top of that, we dont tell untruths about our client speeds, 
sending mail 'that was never read' to the heads of your project, or even confront you in any way.

I'm not affiliated with them in anyway, so I dunno if this is directed
to me or not.  I run about 15 mac's with Bovine, and everything else
with Cyberian.

% We're not just at a higher level than you technologically, we've got a bit of integrity as well. 

Higher level technologically?  Then why are your clients broken, why
can't your stats work, etc..  you've got more people and
momentum.. but a much less organized effort.  I still don't understand
why you directed that at _ME_ so i'll direct the above to _YOU_

% Go back to the snake-pit you came from, Murray. 


Murray Stokely

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