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DevBahn - OS/2 Programmers Sanctuary devbahn at geocities.com
Sat Aug 9 13:44:06 EDT 1997

On Sat, 9 Aug 1997 12:15:17 -0700 (PDT), Murray Stokely wrote:

>Stats are much better than what Bovine offered in teh beginning.  I
>don't see anything that they're missing.  Updated every 8 minutes.
>What is crappy about them?  

True, stats are important, IMHO. I wish Bovines were working again.

>Source is released, many more platforms are supported.  Just not the

Well, considering the amount Macs are contributing daily to the Bovine
effort, I would think that's a pretty damaging omission to Cyberian's
effort. Yes they release their source, which IMHO is a bad thing, so
where is the Mac client if you can compile it for any platform? How
long has the source been out? How long does it take to make a Mac
client? Where is it? Obviously makes no difference that they release
the source. Bovine doesn't, and they have a Mac client.

>% In other words, exactly where we were in April, but with 10% of the keyspace and memories of a far greater past. 
>Funny how everyone who switched over to Cyberian is having alot more
>fun now.  I haven't seen ANYONE come back after switching to Cyberian.

Well, you have now. When 2.004 came out, I switched back. I know others
who have as well.

>% We're not just at a higher level than you technologically, we've got a bit of integrity as well. 
>Higher level technologically?  Then why are your clients broken, why
>can't your stats work, etc..  you've got more people and
>momentum.. but a much less organized effort.  I still don't understand
>why you directed that at _ME_ so i'll direct the above to _YOU_

Explain how the clients are broken? In what way? I geuss I've got a
dozen or so machines here running broken clients then.


Dean Mills.

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