[rc5] Windows NT Service

Jeff Lawson jlawson at hmc.edu
Sun Aug 10 04:59:49 EDT 1997

There is now a Windows NT service version of the client available for
download on the ftp site.  This version allows the RC5 client to be
launched and run completely in the background on an NT machine and remain
unaffected by user logins/logouts.  Since this version is natively an NT
service, you will not need any clunky, separate service-wrappers, making
installation and trouble shooting of the client very easy.


If you have any problems or issues regarding the NT service version of the
client, please send your messages to rc5help at slacker.com and not the
mailing list so that we can answer your messages as quickly as possible.

Jeff Lawson     <jlawson at hmc.edu>    http://rc5.distributed.net/
Original Organizer/Programmer of the Bovine RC5 Cracking Effort
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