[rc5] Cyberian

Shea Tisdale shea at signalinc.com
Sun Aug 10 15:15:19 EDT 1997

Since almost half the keyblocks on Bovine have been done by Mac OS
machines, I don't think Cyberian effort will ever take off until it gets a
mac client.

I happen to have my differences with the Bovine effort from time to time -
such as responsiveness to user needs, stats, etc.  But Bovine is the only
thing going for us mac users.  So how about all you Cyberian people asking
them to make a client for the mac.  Let's see how responsive they really

Until then, I don't any alternative.

Shea Tisdale
Signal Interactive, Incorporated
Phone: (919)688-7878
FAX:   (919)688-9348

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