[rc5] Cyberian

Vincent Janelle random at avara.com
Sun Aug 10 15:35:18 EDT 1997

I'd just liek to make a few notes.  The clients are being worked on, and
the stats are under new management, and are being redone.  I do realize
tha tsome people might complain, but working stats should happen soon.


I'm tired of people bitching and complaingning on how the cyberian clients
are better.  I'm also tired of people shouting back on how Bovine is
better.  We're both striving to the same goals, and both have advantages
over the other.  I'd just like to remind all that post to this list that
it is a discussion list for the Bovine Effort, not the cyberian effort.
the occasional comemnt on how the cyberian client has this, maybe we
should implement. etc, but please, no wars over "Which Effort is better"..
I'd rather not see a another OS war that was prevalent on this list a
while back.

Vincent Janelle -- http://www.avara.com/~random/

On Sun, 10 Aug 1997, Shea Tisdale wrote:

> Since almost half the keyblocks on Bovine have been done by Mac OS
> machines, I don't think Cyberian effort will ever take off until it gets a
> mac client.
> I happen to have my differences with the Bovine effort from time to time -
> such as responsiveness to user needs, stats, etc.  But Bovine is the only
> thing going for us mac users.  So how about all you Cyberian people asking
> them to make a client for the mac.  Let's see how responsive they really
> are.
> Until then, I don't any alternative.
> Shea Tisdale
> Signal Interactive, Incorporated
> Phone: (919)688-7878
> FAX:   (919)688-9348
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