[rc5] RC5 Win95/NT4 Screen Saver Available!

Jeff Lawson jlawson at hmc.edu
Mon Aug 11 04:19:42 EDT 1997

We now have a screen saver available for the Bovine RC5 project!

Since our ftp server is currently in the process of being moved, you can
access it from the following location:

If other Windows programmers are interested in writing their own RC5
screensavers that can retrieve and display the GUI client's status, please
contact me directly and I can send you the necessary programming details.

The following information was copied from the screen saver's included text



When the screen saver is invoked, it will display a snazzy RC5 quote
and the rc5.distributed.net URL.  Also, a text window of the last few
messages printed by the Win32 GUI client will be displayed if you
have the GUI client currently running.  After the status window is
initially displayed it will then updated every 60 seconds.

Note that this screen saver itself is not a client and does not do
and RC5 cracking itself at all.  The main purpose of this screen saver
is to allow you to:

1) protect your screen from phosphor burn in (even though most modern
   monitors are designed such that this isn't a major issue anymore)
2) protect the privacy of your computer by hiding sensitive data
   that you may have had displayed on-screen after leaving your
   machine inactive for a period of time (and optionally protect it
   with a password).  
3) advertise the rc5.distributed.net effort to people passing by your
   machine while the screen saver is running.
4) allow you to check on the operations of the GUI client without any
   extra effort on your part.
5) provide a low CPU-usage screensaver alternative to the boring blank
   screen saver, and to the other common high CPU-usage screen savers.

Jeff Lawson     <jlawson at hmc.edu>    http://rc5.distributed.net/
Original Organizer/Programmer of the Bovine RC5 Cracking Effort
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