[rc5] CPU autodetect

Ivo Janssen ivo at ricardis.tudelft.nl
Mon Aug 11 17:13:12 EDT 1997

Since there has been some mail about detecting the right-cpu, here's
my opinion:

On my systems the autodetection does not work fine, and that's a
pity, because I run several different x86's from one nfs-mounted dir.
So I really need the autodetection, because I can't  change
the config everytime I start up a client. I know that linux does
quite a good job on detecting cpu-type, I guess just by asking the
procesosor it's id. Am I right?

Another point is on having command-line overriding options for the
config. A lot of us out here are running rc5 on several machines from
one central directory. So we need these overriding! It can't be that
hard, afterall it was present in v1. A simple getopt() routine after
reading the config-file should do it.

The last note: Benchmarking could do with fewer keys. 
A factor 10 less can give a good impression of the speed, too, IMO.


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