[rc5] Network error

Fedor Kouranov ted99 at ibm.net
Mon Aug 11 14:19:16 EDT 1997

On 08/11/97 Jeff Lawson <jlawson at hmc.edu> said:

>Network errors are not uncommon if they occur occasionally, and you should
>only worry if they frequently or always occur for you.  If you are still
>having trouble retrieving/submitting blocks, then you may indeed have a
>problem.  Indicate if this is so.

Jeff, Adam & friends... I guess the errors are caused by the v2 protocol
designed with anti-flooding in mind. Maybe not. Still, network errors *are*
uncommon on the net. I'm afraid we are giving people another reason to
switch over. Are you planning to redesign the protocol (or maybe just relax
the proxies) to eliminate the errors someday?

Oh, yes, these errors annoy me to death.

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