[rc5] CPU autodetect

Bryan Talbot btalbot at qualcomm.com
Mon Aug 11 12:02:38 EDT 1997

If the NFS host is a unix machine, just make symbolic links to the main
exec and name the links with the cpu type.  "ln -s rc5v2.exe
rc5v2-p5.exe" when done this way, the config file generated will be the
same basename as the executable, ie rc5v2-p5.ini when rc5v2-p5.exe
-config is run.  Then just make one link for each cpu type you need to
support.  Simple workaround.

Ivo Janssen wrote:

> Since there has been some mail about detecting the right-cpu, here's
> my opinion:
> On my systems the autodetection does not work fine, and that's a
> pity, because I run several different x86's from one nfs-mounted dir.
> So I really need the autodetection, because I can't  change
> the config everytime I start up a client. I know that linux does
> quite a good job on detecting cpu-type, I guess just by asking the
> procesosor it's id. Am I right?
> Another point is on having command-line overriding options for the
> config. A lot of us out here are running rc5 on several machines from
> one central directory. So we need these overriding! It can't be that
> hard, afterall it was present in v1. A simple getopt() routine after
> reading the config-file should do it.
> The last note: Benchmarking could do with fewer keys.
> A factor 10 less can give a good impression of the speed, too, IMO.
> Ivo
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