[rc5] Cyberian

Guan Sin Ong cceonggs at segamat.nus.edu.sg
Tue Aug 12 10:33:41 EDT 1997

Shea Tisdale wrote:
> I happen to have my differences with the Bovine effort from time to time -
> such as responsiveness to user needs, stats, etc.  But Bovine is the only
> thing going for us mac users.  So how about all you Cyberian people asking
> them to make a client for the mac.  Let's see how responsive they really
> are.

I am afraid to point out that most of us who are relying on the traffic
of this mailing list to judge the responsiveness of Bovine people have
got it all *wrong*. Bovine people have been very responsive when you go
to IRC channel #rc5. They always have someone there to help. I initially
also had very bad impression about Bovine, but that totally changed when
I went to the channel one day. 

Perhaps what Bovine should do is to give more time for the mailing list

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