[rc5] New Stats are now available!

David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Thu Aug 14 03:11:38 EDT 1997

It's been a long and frustrating wait, I know, but I am pleased to announce
the waiting is over.  After far too long, we now have working stats again!

The bovine stats engine is now open for business and is supplying full
email/team statistics for the entire effort.  In anticipation of the more
questions, let me just mention a few items (briefly) so we can avoid
the list.

o First, I want to say that I am VERY appreciative of your patience and
  while I took the time to get my arms around the whole of the stats
problem.  Building
  a system to handle the volume of information that this effort is
generating is no
  small task.  It's taken some time, but I think we're actually better off.
 This gave
  us an excellent opportunity to really do the stats right.

o The stats are currently set to update on a daily basis. That is, each day at
  00:01 GMT, the previous day's stats are compiled.  This is not permanent,
  Once I'm comfortable with the system and we've had some time to tweak
  we will be updating the stats more frequently.  Perhaps even on an hourly
  The bottom of each stats page will show you when the last update took place.

o Currently only email/team statistics are available.  Hosts/Domain
tracking as well
  as CPU/OS tracking will be online very soon, I just wanted to do this a
step at
  a time for simplicity's sake.

o We are _still_ missing the period from 7/27-8/3.  The logfiles containing
this activity
  are unfortunately not "on the net" at this time and are inaccessable to
me.  I
  would guess that this information will be merged into the stats database
  the next week.

A good starting point is http://rc5stats.distributed.net

Note that the stats links from the main rc5 page have been updated, but any
links you may have to the old stats pages are now broken.  To avoid
confusion, the old pages have been taken completely offline.

-David McNett
 nugget at slacker.com

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