[rc5] rc5v2, linux, K5

Nicolas Michal nmichal at diver.ups.edu
Thu Aug 14 10:25:38 EDT 1997

I just joined this list, so hopefully this is appropriate. I'm running
rc5v2b4 for Linux, and I have an AMD K5-90 CPU. I've set the client to
use K5-optimized code. The problem is that it crashes my machine after
a few hours (everything freezes up). This has happened with all
versions, since v1. I use kernel 2.0.30 which is pretty stable, and
the executable is statically linked, so I doubt the OS is causing the
problem. But I am also not convinced that there is something wrong
with the rc5 client, because it is very hard to get linux to crash. :) 
Right now I just want to get some ideas about what the problem could
possibly be. It is almost like the CPU is overheating, but the machine
has been under heavy loads before for days at a time without any

So, although the client is faster on my machine than it is on a
Pentium 200, I can't use it!


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