[rc5] Uh oh.. (Stats)

David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Thu Aug 14 15:14:47 EDT 1997

Dave Hubbard, the number 8 guy, said:
>pmack at rogue-ent.com has 369862 blocks and is in the number 7 slot on the
>stats but has the number 8 next to the name.  I have 335147 blocks and am
>in the number 8 slot, but have the number 7 next to my name,
>dhubbard at eng.usf.edu

Very observant!  Actually, this is due to an oversight on my part.  I was
some manual cleanup with pmack at rogue-ent.com this morning (one of his hosts
had submitted a gazillion blocks as "pmack at rouge-ent.com") and neglected to
re-index the rankings table after making the changes.  I didn't realize
that the revised block count would adjust the rankings.

Have no fear -- the stats engine is reliable, it's just the operator we
have to keep an eye on!

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